Lamb Roast, RIP Chop

We had a lamb roast to celebrate Dan & Kate coming back home and to mourn Keevin & Sylvia going to the midwest for medical school. And to drink beer and eat lamb. My buddy John from Brown came up from SF and helped try and melt rock for roasting. I decided we could sleep in until 3am and then start the fire so the meat would be ready by 5. We had the beast in the ground at 9:30, and by 11 it was done. Next time we'll have to get a later start or a larger beast.

The lamb turned out perfect, especially if you like a hint of dirt in your food. It fell apart as we transfered it to the table, which the dogs loved. After we were full of lamb we moved onto contests of who could eat 6 saltines in one minute without water. We all failed at 3.