Lawn is cut!

I finally got my 5.0 peak horsepower lawn mower today. Here are some before pictures. It's dark out now, so the after pictures will just look like a black room. I had to mow at the 6 setting and when I made my 2nd pass at the 2 setting the engine made a weird noise and died. Well, I figured, I got half of my front lawn done for a $80 mower, not too bad. I turned the sucker over and a strip of sheet metal was broken and had to be removed (it was hitting the blade.) So I started wrenching with it and got nowhere. Then I had the bright idea, "Hey, I still have Vince's grinder! That should take care of this." I whip out the heavy grinder and start going to town. Then I notice all of the sparks going everywhere and the smell of gas from the mower being turned over. I definetly did not want to be one of those guys you see on TV after they do something stupid, so I stopped. I eventually got the metal off by just wiggling it back and forth.
The wonderful front

The Savanna