I had big dreams of getting a lawn mower and taking care of business this weekend. It came through just as well as my last Lotto ticket. I found an used mower for sale ($80) but the guy had to tune it up and sharpen the blades. So I get it today. Instead of mowing, I started edging the lawn with the help of my mom. I used her edger which is pretty much like a flat shovel that you stand on and you take out 5 inches of lawn at a time. As I was hopping up and down on the edger, one of my neighbors came out and said "Thank god! I'm so happy you're finally doing that!" I started to explain myself, telling my dumb story about being busy and not able to get a used mower cos I'm plain lazy. I didn't really care about my story, and I don't think she did either. "Are you going to trim the bushes in the back too?" Yes, eventually I will. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" My lawn is a bit scary, but it's not that bad. I should leave some lawn clippings on her step as a message. We ended up filling 2 1/2 lawn refuse bags from just the edgings. I'm a little aprehensive about how much crap I'm going to have when I do the actual mowings.