Molly's Wedding

Last weekend I went out to the Adirondacks for Molly and Paul's wedding. I flew into Syracuse and got a rental car. They were going to give me a Neon but it was out so I got a Dodge Dakota instead, which worried me a bit cos gas was $3.50 a gallon. But I pre-paid for a tank at $2.80 so it was all good. And it was a V8, so that's fun.
I rolled up to Old Forge and found my camping spot a little ways down the road from the wedding. I wasn't necessarily being cheap, I thought it'd be fun to camp out in the woods and stuff. But it was damn cold at night. That night I met up with Molly and her friends and drank some beer. And that's good.
The next day some of us went for a hike up a - I think it was called - mountain. It was pretty and a neat hike. Afterwords there was a BBQ where we hung out and ate and drank beer again. There's a theme here. It started raining hard around 9 and some ladies (Heidi and Erika [the 3rd one there]) were nice enough to offer their floor for me to sleep on. Erika got extra candles because I was going to be in the room and their might be odors. Hard to argue with that.
The next day was wedding day and it was pretty laid back. I hung around and had donuts with Erika and Heidi and read by the lake shore. The wedding itself was very nice and it was quickly off to the reception. With beer. The rest of the day was spent hanging out and talking with people. That night there was dancing where I made a fool of myself trying to remember to Lindy Hop. I guess I'm going back to take some classes before I go out again. I think I even hurt my hip.