Root Canal

I got my first root canal yesterday. Half of the people I talked to said it wouldn't hurt, the other half said it was painful. So I took the offer for nitrous oxide.

It took a bit for the gas to kick in and have any affect and I thought it was kinda lame. Then it felt like I was drunk - and that was good. Except I thought the dental assistant was hitting on me. But that happens when they see how hot I am with a dental dam covering my face.

The Dr came in and started excavating my jaw. That's what it seems like at any rate. I heard them talking but things went in and out as I can't hold my NOS. The Dr. said 'No, the longshank' and the longest bit I've seen since I drilled holes for the hot tub conduit passed in front of my face. I thought it'd be a good time to breath deeper and get all numblike. 10 minutes later we were all done and I was just drooling out of the side of my mouth.

Jill was nice enough to drive me to and from the appointment and deal with my bitching. She even got me peaches which I ate while chewing on the side of my mouth.