$250 ticket for blowing stop sign on bike

As I rolled down Salmon street on my way to work I saw a group of bikers on the side of the road with police. I thought it was pretty cool the cops were giving out coffee and donuts. Not so. They were busy handing out $250 tickets for running the stop sign up the block.
I've been wondering when they'd have the police monitoring the 24th and Salmon street stop sign. It's right at the bottom of a pretty nice hill so who wants to stop? I always double check the side traffic and cruise through if no one is there. That doesn't really work for the police. I asked the officer how many they've given out so far that morning - at least 30. That's like $7500.
I really think they need to make 4 way stops into yields for bikes if no other traffic is present. I'm sure most drivers won't feel the same way, but if people rode their bikes they'd understand.