Monkey Face Bike Tour Mountaineering

Another mountaineering trip in the books. Terry and I had originally planned on doing Mt. Stuart, but I didn’t have the time or fitness. So we had a backup of going to Glacier Peak, which was then shutdown because of potential weather. The other backup was to bike the Oregon Outback and climb Monkey Face on the way, which was overly ambitious. So we aimed to bike to Three Fingered Jack, then to Monkey Face and after climbing them both, bike the top of the Oregon Outback and head home.

We had some weather concerns about the first objective, which was a thin excuse as my legs were toast after the first day of riding. My lack of training showed itself on Monkey Face as I barely scraped myself up the wall with much swearing. We ended up bailing in Prineville as it had turned from Type II fun to Type III. Terry was very gracious and was good with calling it short after 250+ miles over 3ish days.

Panoramic Photos