Enchantments hike

Sara and I hiked through the Enchantments in Washington. We were told to get to the top of Asgard Pass by noon, otherwise it'd be a long hike out in the dark. So we camped at Snow Lake trailhead and got a 4:30am shuttle to the Stuart Lake trailhead, getting us a 5am start. This got us to Colchuck Lake by the time the sun was hitting the peaks around us. We started the hike up the infamous Asgard Pass at 8:30 and topped out at 10, taking our time to enjoy the views as the hike up was actually pleasant.

We ate and drank near the top of the pass and enjoyed all of the views. The scenary is seriously underrated, even with all the hype. As we had all day and it was all downhill from here, we went slow and kept taking in the views and taking photos of the lakes and peaks. As we made it further down the trail we saw more campers and goats (one goat followed us until we screamed at it for a long while). It just got prettier and prettier.

We stopped a few times to eat our modern day lembas and filter water. At one lake crossing we soaked our feet in the 33 degree water and took a quick nap before heading on. We continued on following the myriad cairns and made it back down to the car an hour before sunset and in time to chow down on chinese pork and sandwiches.

Next time a camping trip would be in order, it would be great to stay a few nights and have more time to enjoy the lakes and not hassle with hiking it all in one day.

Panoramic Photos