First Pig Roast

On Saturday I held a piggie roast in my backyard. I have pictures from my camera over here and will put up better versions soon.

My buddy Vince supplied advice and a lot of wood for the fire. I got up at 5:30 to start the fire in the pit. It took me longer than I wanted because I suck at starting fire. But, after using lighter fluid, a 1/2 gallon of paint thinner and the gas from my lawn mower, I got the fire going. I spent a few hours adding wood and rock until it was so hot I couldn't stand within four feet. Apparently I had "hot ash" flying through the air into my neighbors yards.

Dan came over at 8:30 and helped me out as I went to the butcher to get the pig. I got back at 10 and we started preparing the pig. I put down the chicken wire, then banana leaves, then pig, then stuffed pig with hot rocks, threw down the onions, garlic, potatos, and yams, covered it all with more banana leaves, wrapped the wire around it and threw that bad boy in the pit. Then we covered it with tinfoil, hot logs and a wet sheet and a few feet of dirt.

I cleaned up the yard and house while Dan played football. When he came back around 3 we started drinking beer and people started showing up. I think like 30 people were in my back yard waiting for the pig to rise from the grave. Dan and I exhumed the pig and threw it on the table (which almost fell over) and I started hacking away at it. I think everyone liked the meat, which was pretty tender and tasted like banana.

After the piggie was eaten we had another fire in the pit and sat around drinking beer until I fell asleep in my chair.