Fourth of July

For the 4th of July we went over towards Bend to do some mountain biking and rafting. We camped on the Metolious river just the other side of Santiam Pass. We rode Phil's Trail on Saturday and everyone had a great time going down the Whoop-De-Doos. I finally got a few pictures of people on the trail, so you can all be jealous now. On Sunday we went over to the Mckenzie River and did a half day raft. I found out you're not supposed to yell out that you're hung over when they ask how everyone is doing. Who knew? The rapids were class II for most of the way and we had a great time doing 360s off of rocks and through rapids. The rest of the time we spent eating and drinking at camp. Ron and I played a game called cleave the quarter with a hatchet. That was fun.

Phils Trail Photos

Mckenzie River Photos