Hong Kong Ramblings

I've been in Hong Kong for a few days, staying with Moo at his apartment in the Mid-Levels. His place is right by longest escalator system (in the world?) We've been going out and eating, had some awesome noodles at some place I wouldn't be able to find again or order from. On Saturday Moo showed me around the Central district and Causeway Bay. We rode on the double decker trolleys and went through a bunch of stores looking for stuff to buy. It seems like Hong Kong is a big shopping area, so if you dig on shopping, this is the place for you. We even got a pre-paid SIM card for Moo's spare phone, which I'm using while I'm over here. Everyone walks around with cell phones attached to their neck, so I was just wanting to fit in. If you like to have large phone bills, feel free to give me a call (852 6449 6074). hahahha. Yesterday we went over to Stanley and had lunch with some of Moo's friends from Singapore. It was a nice place overlooking the ocean. One of them brought their dog, an Alaskan Malimut (?), which is one of the largest dogs I've seen.