I broke my bike

I was gently riding my bike home on Thursday when I felt it shimmy, kinda like when you taco a wheel. But I was just going on pavement so I figured it was a flat tire. I pulled over and saw it wasn't flat. But the rear wheel was a bit out of true and I spent 10 minutes truing it up on the sidewalk. I hopped back on it for a test spin and it had the same shimmy. I figured I got a flat this time. No flat. Then I saw the right side chain stay was sheared. Not too much you can do about that. I tried riding down the street but the wheel kept hitting the frame and it felt too funky. And if the other stay flexed and broke then I'd be in a world of hurt. I called everyone I could think of. If I didn't call you it's because you need to get a truck or a bike rack. It took me 20 minutes of limping the bike along to realize that we have a thing in Portland called buses. And on these "buses" there are bike racks. And they go right by my house. So I walked down to Division and hopped on the # 4 bus. I know people were thinking, "what a sack, he has on his little biking getup and still uses the bus." Cos I would think that. On Friday I brought my bike to Acme Welding on 7th and Salmon and they fixed it right up and now my bike is running fine.