Lamb Roast

I did a lamb roast to celebrate Kate & Dan getting back from Asia, Keevin & Sylvia getting married and Mo & Dan just getting married. The fire the night before was just as painful as last year but we had hot rocks in the morning. We forgot to put the meat in a trench of hot rocks and just threw it down and covered it. And the thermometer broke, so we couldn't tell how hot the meat was. We went off of last roasts temperatures and took it out after 7 hours.

The bottom was cooked perfect, the top wanted to be thrown on the BBQ for a bit. But it was all good, we had a good turnout, the lamb was damn tasty and people had a good time. The 6 brought pictures and we watched them on the TV so everyone could see how their trips and such were. I started drinking from the wine bottle so the rest is a bit hazy, but someone might have spilt beer on me and pushed me over in my chair.