McKenzie River

On Saturday Trey, Ron, Tubby T Tom and I rolled down the the McKenzie river east of Eugene for a little bike ride. We used my birthday (which is today, in case you haven't sent me my gifts yet) as an excuse to go riding. Since I seem to have lost my camera (which is a good excuse to buy the new 5.0 megapixel version), I have no pictures of the ride. Which is too bad because then I could show everyone where Trey biffed it. We were crusing down the singletrack with Trey in front of me and he tagged his right handlebar on a tree and started wee-wabbling. That lasted about 1/2 a second until he fell to the left. We happened to be on the section where the left side is a steep embackment that changes into a straight drop onto rocks in the river. Luckily for Trey, there was a little tree that stopped both him and his bike from being totalled. But he was ok, as was his bike and we continued on our merry way. After riding we had some dindin at a restaurant in Rainbow,Oregon which is next door to Nimrod, Oregon. The dinner was pretty good (since everyone else paid for it, hahah). As half the point of the trip was to soak in a hot tub after running into rocks and trees on the trail, we then proceeded to hang out in the warm pool. We got scolded by the old people from Cocoon for hogging the hot water. Apparently standing near the hot water outlet stops the water from getting to the wrinkled ones.