Moab 9 (2005)

Last week I was in Moab, Utah with my buddies Sara, Ron and Dan. It was pretty badass. We rode every day and had pretty solid weather. The poofs from the cottonwood trees were out in full force, but if you could ignore them (which we couldn't) then it would be allright.

Ron came up with a new term for getting hurt on/by the bike: gak. Ron got gakked almost every day. The worst gak was on Bartlet Slickrock and we hadn't even started the slickrock ride. He was standing on the rock and just started sliding and then fell down the slope, got attacked by his bike, did a few rolls, stood up and started bleeding from his leg.

Anyhoo, it was a lot of fun. We drank almost all of our 10 6 packs of beer, the last one is in my fridge. Awesome riding, good weather, good people.

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Biking Photos

Moab IIX. We rode Sovereign Trail, Gemini Bridges, Monitor Merimack, Porcupine Rim, Bartlet Slickrock, Slickrock and Amasa Back.