Mon & Tues

On Monday I bopped around downtown Hong Kong. Jason's fiance Gerry took me to a shop to get my visa for China. Now I just have to remember to get an airplane ticket. We also went to a few shops to find me a new shirt, as my clothes seem to be more fitted for cooler weather (and apparently they shrunk when I crossed the date-time line on my way here.) I picked up two shirts (one with spandex!) for $10.

I was waiting to meet up with Jason and Gerry for dinner and I needed a snack, so I did as everyone else here, and picked up an order of fries from McDonalds. American food? you ask. They eat it here, so who am I to argue. Welll, about an hour and a half later I realized why not to eat American food here: diahrea. Luckily I was in one of the nicest shopping malls I've ever been to and they had very nice toilets. The walls of the stall were stone that were nice and high. And a little man walking around the bathroom with a little spray bottle, spraying overpowering perfume. He seemed to keep coming back to where I was.

Anyhoo. I waited for Jason to get off work at a little square with fountains (the kung-fu guy below). The building looked pretty cool so I layed on my back on a fountain bench to get a better look. The next thing I knew there was a police officer standing over me. "Blah blah blah." I looked up at him, "Huh?" "No sleeping here." "Oh. Sorry?" Crap. He walked off and I got my bag and scedadeled away. I met back up with Gerry and Jason and we ran over to Kowloon to do some wedding shopping. We went into a building that had 4 floors of just wedding stuff. It was funny to see all these women walking in front of their men who were carrying things with their heads down saying "yes dear." Or however it's said here.

We went left there to find a favorite restaurant of Moo's. Moo and I started looking for some stomach medicine, cos I wasn't about to miss out on some authentic hole in the wall Hong Kong grub. I had to make another run to a bathroom, this time in another McDonalds. Damn you super sized french fries! We went to dinner in this little place that had 5 foot 6 ceilings and awesome noodles. I got an order of tripe and fish balls. Moo was nice enough to eat the tripe for me.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I decided I was going to run up to Victoria Peak, which is right behind Moo's place. He said it was 2.8 km from the start of the trail, so I figured "How hard could it be?" They know how to build hills here, it was a super steep hill, I saw a rock roll up the hill faster than me. The view from the top was pretty awesome, you could see all of Central and the south side of the island. The tallest building downtown seemed to be just as high as we were, but maybe it's the optics of smog and oxygen deprivation from the jog. My book says the hill is 1500 feet tall, so I doubt the building was that tall. But who knows.

After the jog I went back to Moo's place and promptly fell asleep. Which turned the rest of my day into 'vacation day' where I lazed around and watched downloaded movies and tv shows. Here are some pictures from Monday. I'm heading out to Peng Chau today after a little nap.