Moto camping trip

I've been wanting to do an overnight camping trip on the motorcycle for a while now so I bailed on work and went out towards Condon with my moto loaded up with cameras and tent. It was quite cold and windy in the Gorge, with some rain that turned to fire on the other side of Hood River. I took the old twisty highway from Mosier to the Dalles, which was a nice switch from the highway. From there it's awesome smooth roads down to Condon where I grabbed breakfast and a Dan Brown book for camp.I found a campsite on a river close to a store where I got 2 beer, candy and a gallon of water which about topped out the carrying capacity of the Triumph. I played around with camera settings for night shots and after an hour of fiddling got everything set up so I could sack out in the tent.
I had the idea of getting up early and going to the Painted Hills for sunrise photos, but it was too cold so I slept in until the sun was up. This turned out for the best as it was still a cold ride over towards the Fossil Beds. I stopped in Mitchell to get gas at the station that would open near 10am. The closest gas station was around 40 miles away, which was about the range I had left in my tank. So I went over to the Painted Hills to eat breakfast and read.
After getting gas back in Mitchell, I headed East to more great roads that would eventually lead back towards Maupin and home. I went through more burnt valleys and firefighting staging areas. Whole hill sides were scorched and black. Then it was back to the clouds and cold once I hit the cascades and went over Mt. Hood.

Panoramic Photo

Panoramic of gorge


Sky near Condon