Moto to Beach


Rachel and I took the moto out to the beach Friday night, passing by the huge fire plume near Forest Grove (looked like a mushroom cloud). We got down to the beach just in time for a great sunset. Next morning we rode south on 101 to meet up with Dawn and her moto off 26. The weather and roads were perfect; we had plumes of sea fog through the trees and the sun to warm us up. After joining with Dawn we backtracked to home to meet up with Chris, Charlie, Mona and Boomer at McMenamins.

We all played on the beach, some even went swimming, but they’re a bit off. Had a great dinner and a wee bit too much Amarullo. Sunday was another awesome ride out on the Lewis & Clark road to Astoria and then home via the Elk Viewing areas near Vernonia. Super fun weekend.