Mt. Adams solo climb in slush


Another annual pilgrimage to Mt. Adams. The area had a large fire last summer and all of the trees have lost most of their needles. You can see the mountain during the drive and hike up which is a nice side effect.

The climb up started nicely and I was able to make Lunch Counter in around 2 hours. The snow then got fairly mushy and it was postholing most of the remaining climb. It normally takes around an hour to get from there to Pikers Peak but I trudged up in over 2.


While slushy snow is frustrating going up, it makes for an easy slide down. There weren't any tubes yet this year, only a few faint slide trails. I was able to cruise down without any speed worries and got back to car in a little over 2 hours - making for a 7:30 round trip.


Profile of climb