Mt. Adams with Trey


The day after my solo up Mt. Adams I went back up with Trey, as he wanted to get in a one day climb of Adams. We left a little after 5am so we could hit the snow right and skip carrying a headlamp (5oz in weight makes a difference you know.)

There were at least a hundred people on the mountain, most of which I'm sure we passed on the way up. Trey blitzed the last few hundred feet to the top of Pikers Peak and got up there a few minutes before me, hopefully getting awesome photos of me sucking Os. A few people were close to keeping up with us on the way up, so I knocked them down with my axe and trudged on.
We got great views of Mt. Rainier, Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson and some of the Three Sisters. No more clouds and thick haze!


The conditions were perfect for glissading and we started from the top and slid down anything that wasn't flat. Time back to car was just around 7 hours, pretty good considering my pace slowing us down.


Another succesful climb of Mt. Adams with perfect weather and snow conditions.