Mt. Adams with Chris


Went up Mt. Adams with Chris. We had a spectacular moonset hiking up from camp. As it was late in the season I thought no crampons would be kosher, and we all know an extra 8 ounces can slow us down. The snow turned out to be pretty much like ice on the way up, so progress was very slow. Especially when I threw my axe down the slopes because I took my leash off a few weeks ago for a friend to borrow. A nice lady a few hundred feet below caught it in her teeth and brought it up to me. She was going to the summit to get married that morning, which is super dope. I thanked her for the axe, and slipped up the hill to catch up with Chris.

On the top we hung out for a while; ok, I fell asleep on the summit for a long time. After waiting for the snow to soften we headed down on our tukases. The sliding was perfect - it’s always fun to scream down the hill and watch people slowly trundle up the hill. We took a few more glissades before hitting the dust and walking out to the truck. The burgers down at Trout Lake were tasty as usual.