New things

I've started getting ready for my little trip to China by spending money I don't really have. My VISA has been neglected for a while, so I figured it was time to break it out and go shopping. I got a new backpack for this trip that I can use later for mountainering, it has all sorts of dealie-bobs for climbing junk. The tread has finally died on my shoes, so it was time to get new ones with new tread. I took a lead climbing class over the weekend and bought a climbing rope so I can practice leading. And also now I can go outside and have a rope to climb with, dental floss hasn't been hacking it lately.

My phone has been acting up and turning off in the middle of my calls. It was time to retire it, and I got a new phone. It has all of the nifty things like camera, color screen and even video. Not sure what I'm going to do with a video camera on my phone, but what the hell.

I even got a new camera for China. I've thought about it and come to the realization that digital is the way to go for 90% of my photos. I'm most likely to not blow up many pictures past 8x12, and (my) digital is good to above that. But if I have a really nice picture, it's hard to beat slides on my Nikon. So I'm taking my Nikon SLR and my digital and I'll use the Nikon when there is a scene I really like and want to have a great slide of it. I only have a 256 MB flash card, which won't be enough for a 3 week trip, so I'm going to get an adapter for my iPod which allows you to upload your pictures to the iPod, effectively giving my camera a 10-15 GB memory card.