Moab 6 (2003)

Moab VI. Trey, Ron, Dan, Mike, Cyndi, Mary and I rode Monitor Merimack, Slickrock, Amasa Back, Bar Rim and Klondike Bluff.

Wall Street

While in Utah mountain biking, Dan, Mike and I went out to Wall Street and did a few climbs.

Fiery Furnace

On our trip to Moab we took a guided tour through the Fiery Furnace in Arches.

Oregon Coast Bike Trip

Tina and I rode our bikes from Astoria to Crescent City, California during a week long vacation. We met a few people and ended up riding along with Layla and Jeff for a few days. I went overboard and took around 300 pictures on my Canon, so here is just a smattering of them, with a slant towards sunsets at Brookings.

Mt. St. Helens and Falls Creek

Ron, Trey, Tom and I went up to Mt. St. Helens to ride the Plains of Abraham and Falls Creek. The plains of Abraham are pretty damn cool, once you get past the hour of BS uphill.

Climbing at Broughton

I went for my first outside climb with Dan, Mike and a buddy of theirs at Broughton Bluffs in the Gorge. I apparently cried like a little girl when I finished my climb.

Moab 5 (2002)

For Moab V I had no job so I was able to take an extended trip, going through Berkeley, Nevada, Zion and Monument Valley. It was the first time I drove over 130mph. Ron, Trey, Vince, Tom and I rode Amasa Back, Gemini Bridges, Slickrock, Moab Rim and Monitor Merimack. I saw some freeriders the day after everyone left. They made it down Moab Rim in 2 minutes, at an average of 30mph.