Peng Chau

After waking up from my nap and watching another episode of Dead Like Me, I ventured out to the small island of Peng Chau. The ferry ride was pretty cool, tons of boats and ships running around across the bay. I picked up a pork bun and walked around the area near the docks. There wasn't too much going on, but a lot of neat alleys and walls to check out. Yes, I said the walls were cool, that's a sign of growing old - staring at walls. I hung out on the waterfront for most of the afternoon. I picked up some shumai and another pork bun. And M/Ms for dessert.

There was a little old lady (ok, lots of them) who sat near me and stared in my direction. I have to say that she scared me a bit. She had this little cane that she'd rap on the ground as she walked. She got up once and just stood there with the cane hitting the ground. I grabbed my M&Ms a little closer to feel better. She went away to scare another person.

It was a pretty cool town/island, lots of little apartments and houses. And a graveyard on the top of a hill. They have pictures of the people on the graves, which is a little strange. And writing in red ink. Which would be scary on Halloween at night I think. I took another ferry back to Hong Kong after a neat sunset. The sky is hazy here, which gives a nice orange tinge to everything, even before sunset.