Red Rocks

Ron and I went down to Red Rocks in Las Vegas to do some climbing and to hang out with Jami for her birthday. We had a good time not losing all of our money, making fun of the other people at Circus Circus and getting in some climbing. We did a sick 5.3 trad climb (Chips and Salsa) that got us to the top of a few nice top ropes. We also got in a few good climbs on the Panty Wall and Ultraman Wall. Friday and Saturday night we went out gambling at the Sahara. I lost my first hundred over a few hours, during which the dealer laughed at me for doubling down on an Ace and a Two - I got another two and lost. The second night we got most of our money back after being down to 25 dollars. I found out my camera has a defect that puts a white line through most pictures, so that added a nice flair.