Root Canal II

After my last root canal the dentist called to tell me he had gone over the x-rays and was concerned with how the digging went. I figured if he's worried, then I'm concerned. He said he wanted to get back in there and try again. As I enjoy drooling and having sharp things poked into my head I said yes.

I went in yesterday and got the nitrous. I was going to pass on it until we started as I figured I should man up and take the shots without it. The nice assistant said I might as well use the nitrous. So I got the nitrous and even had the nice assistant turn it up. And that was the end of feeling anything. It was like last time except I was at the bottom of a well and didn't really experience too much (besides the assitant hitting on me again.) I did take a gander at the drill bit they used - either the nitrous makes things seem larger or it really is 2 feet long.

In the end nothing new was done on the tooth. But I didn't care too much as I was high on nitrous. They just need nitrous bars and I'd be a happy man.