Seattle Trip

Sara and I had grand plans of going up into the mountains to go hotspringing and camping. The cold front that said it was coming with 7 degree weather talked us out of it. Instead we slept in and went to Dish for breakfast and then headed up North to get in a good hike. This time the weather talked to Sara's shoes and said they shouldn't hang out. So instead of hiking we walked over a bridge to look at the river and headed back to town to visit REI and buy some shoes for Sara.

Sara had talked about this mythical mountain bike park under the bridges of Seattle. I thought it sounded like the Troll that lives under bridges. This, like The Troll was true. We will be making trips over there to get ready for, well, get ready for talking about mountain biking.

We celebrated our conquest of nature that night by having dinner at a Japanese restaurant that cooked their food on stones. They were quite friendly and even did the "Irashayimase" when people came in. It was quiet good. The beer helped out as well.