Smith Rock Climbing and biking

Over the weekend I went over to Smith Rock with my climbing buddies. While it was raining on everyone else in Portland, it was sunny and warm in Terrebone (just North of Bend.) At night you could see all of the stars and even the constellations (if we could've remembered their names.) Coyotes provided singing for us to fall asleep to. On Saturday we woke up, cooked blueberry pancakes and bacon and headed out to Smith Rock. We split up into a few groups to attack various routes. Amy and Brynne led up the bolted routes and I, Scott, Dan and May would follow. I got to break in my new rope, it started off shiny and orange, it ended dull and dirty - looking like a real rope.

On my last climb I got to clean the top quick draws and thread the rope through the chains so I could rappel down the face. I hadn't ever done it, but I knew the steps to take. It took me about 10 minutes to get ready to push off the ledge and lower myself down. I'd say I was like a cowboy and booked down, but I took it slow so I could live to eat another pizza. It was an awesome day, at least 80 degrees out and no clouds.

The next day some of us went to Bagby Hot Springs, some went climbing and May and I went to Bend to do the Whoop De Doo trail. The weather changed and the clouds rolled in, which seems to please people in Bend. "Dude, it's perfect biking weather! We love the rain" They're crazy. When we got to the top of the Whoop De Doo trail it was snowing, quite a bit different than the previous day. But it was all good, we boogied down the trail and hit all of the moguls.