Smith Rock, Jami's Birthday

This weekend a bunch of us went over to Smith Rock to do some climbing, and celebrating Jami's 30th birthday. We just climbed on Saturday because Sunday it was raining and certain people were hung over.
On Saturday we did 5 and 10 gallon buckets for a warm up before heading over Asterisk Pass. Then there were five of us to do Spiderman Butress. Keevin did the lead climbing and we followed and placed gear as practice.
It ended up taking around 4 hours to do the three pitch climb. The weather changed from sunny and warm to hail, snow and wind. In the end we rappelled off the top to the first set of anchors and got Keevin's rope caught in the overhang. Apparently you're supposed to do the walkoff and not rappel. But we were tired, cold and hungry so we screwed that up. I was going to jumar up the rope and do the walkoff but Matt pointed out that now wasn't the time to try an untested technique. We bailed to get warm food and beer.