Snow Caves

This weekend I went up to Barlow Pass with Vince and his scout troop to practice building snow caves. It took about four hours to form a cave, afterwhich you are completely soaked and cold - at least I was. Vince and his brother made a cave next to mine and we joined them.

It was badass and was pretty fun. The cave was warm at night, though the floor got to be a bit cold at night. Next time I will bring a tarp and a larger thermarest. I was trying to see what it'd be like to build and sleep in one with just what I'd bring on a climbing trip. More insulation is better.

In the morning we drank hot cocoa and waited for the sun to rise. After we got most of our stuff out of the cave I tried to break in the ceiling. After a few large jumps on one leg I broke it in near a vent hole. After that we went to Dairy Queen where I grubbed down food and fell asleep at the table.