Surveyors Ridge

On Saturday Ron and I went out to Hood River and went mountain biking on Surveyors Ridge. It normally takes 1h 5min to get there but I got us to Hood River in 45 minutes. The ride got 4 or 5 cranks in the book so it looked like it'd be a lot of fun. Ron said it was the worst ride in the history of biking. I'm not sure it was that bad, but it did suck. It was 14 miles up and then the down hill still had ups. And there were no bomber sections except for one 5 foot long area. I was cruising down one area and while thinking of trains and trying to avoid the bushes that were constantly slapping our faces my right tire veered off the trail and turned 90 degrees. So I flew over my bars and skidded to a stop on my left arm. I spent the next 5 minutes walking around swearing and throwing rocks at trees.
Ron's Pic
So that sucked and it didn't really get any better. Don't do Surveyors Ridge. Unless you're those guys from Hood River who ride up from town (15 miles) and ride up the ridge and back down. But they're sick in the head.