The Tooth

Esther, Dan, Keevin, Matt and I went up to The Tooth in Washington over the weekend for our last alpine climb of the year. It was pretty dope. The approach was pretty, and pretty stupid, lots of hiking over boulders and scree fields. I've decided that we have to learn how to hang-glide so we don't have to hike back out anymore.

The climb itself was very cool. It was pretty easy climbing, maybe 5.6, but the views and exposure were awesome. We could even see Mt. Stuart off to the east and Rainier just to the west. Dan and I climbed on half ropes so I could practice on those, which I kinda didn't do so well. But the views were awesome. We got to see clouds whipping over the summit while we ate cookies. On the way out Keevin and I saw our sun halos on the clouds coming up from the valley. That made the trip.