Ticket II

I was talking with my buddy at work Dipesh about my ticket today. He said I should try and get it reduced, as it's a very large fine. So I called up to the state of Washington and asked if it's possible to get it reduced somehow. The nice lady on the phone said I could have a "Mitigation Hearing", and since I'm over 30 miles away I can do it by mail. So I get to fill out some papers later and try and explain the circumstances of the ticket. I'm thinking I'll say that I was speeding but that I changed lanes to pass the guy in the left lane because they don't move to the right. This has been a pet peeve of mine for some time now - people in the left lane going slower than normal traffic. They have large signs all over the place that state "Stay Right Except To Pass". And these people aren't passing anyone, they just stay in the left lane. I doubt my line of attack being "I admit I was speeding and just went around this person because they don't pay attention to signs and are unaware of traffic flow" will get me anywhere, but it can't hurt. Unless they say "You sir, are a dumbass," and double my ticket. I'm not looking to get the ticket dropped, just changed to a speeding ticket instead of "negligent driving." I have visions of my insurance company calling me and saying "You sir, are a dumbass," and double my premiums.