I was driving back from visiting Sara and her buddies up on Puget Sound near Tacoma last night. So I'm driving a bit over the limit and get tired of people in the left lane going slow and not moving over, so I hop to the right lane to pass them. I look behind me and a burnt orange Impala is behind me, whatever. There was plenty of space so I hop back to the left lane and keep going. I look back again and see the Impala gun it and weave inbetween the two last cars with his car rollling from the swerve. I thought to myself, "What an asshole, what's his rush?" Cue lights. Oh, he's a trooper and his rush is to give my dumb ass a ticket. Shit. So I start to pull over to the left median and notice it is all gravely and has junk everywhere. So I go to the right median (signaling like a good driver.) 'You know why I pulled you over?' I thought I should say "Cos I'm an ass?", but decided just to say "Yes, sir" 'How fast did you think you were going?' "A little over 80?", as opposed to saying "Well, ya see, I was doing 110 on that last uphill." 'I got you at 86 [in a 70 zone].' I nodded. 'I radioed my dispatcher I was going to pull you over and then you weaved in front of that car.' Swerve? Man, I just changed lanes. I nodded again. He left and came back with a ticket, 'After seeing your record I'm just going to give you this infraction ticket.' 538. That must be the time I thought to myself. Crap! That's dollars, not even like pesos or anything! I figure it's been about 3 years, so it's time to get a ticket. As I slowly drove home I stayed in the right lane at about 70 and noticed people whipping by. "Where's the police now?" So, word to the wise, don't speed, and don't pass people on the right up in Washington. They're sneaky and drive in unmarked cars that roll when trying to catch you on I-5.