Tietons Climbing

Kate, Dan, Ron, Angel, Keevin, Matt, Moira and I went up to the Tietons near Yakima to get in some crack climbing. The climbing was totally different than we (at least for me) were used to. The ratings there are a little stiff as well, I had more trouble on a '5.4' than a 5.7 at Smith. But the rock was pretty solid and the climbing lots of fun. We had awesome weather both days and nights.

The first day we all climbed at Royal Columns - Ron, Angel and I stuck to 5.3 and 5.4 climbs while everyone else got up on .7s to .10s. But they're sick in the head. On Sunday Ron, Angel and I stayed at Royal Columns to tackle a harder 5.4 and top a 5.6 while everyone went to The Bend. It was all good and we all had an awesome time.