So this weekend was the Beaver Freezer down in Corvallis. I was pretty psyched cos Trey and I had wanted to do it before, but forgot to sign up. So this year we signed up.

I did extensive training for the race, lots of pizza, steak and beer. I've been biking to work and running at lunch, so I figured I didn't have to really do any more training. Except for the swim, so I hopped in the pool twice to make sure I wouldn't drown.

I had signed up for the swim with a 500 yard time of 9:40, but in my two swims at the gym I did about 8:30, so I knew I'd have to pass people in the triathalon.

On Saturday my heat was about an hour before Trey's because he signed up with a 8 minute time. When the swim started I went out a bit too fast and was way out in the lead. I ended up lapping the people in my lane 2 times. And then I was the first one out of the pool. But I felt like dying so I slowly jogged to the bike and hopped on.

I rode about 3 miles and got a flat. I thought that since I had my super tire and the green slime in the tube that I'd be ok. But the slime didn't stop the flat. I kept trying to pump it up but it sounded like the valve was broken. I went for my spare tube in my saddle bag. And it wasn't there. So I sat for a few minutes and swore at everyone who rode by.

I walked back to the last intersection and got a ride from a lady in her truck. We picked up another biker who got a flat and we walked back to the beginning of the race. I stuck around to take pictures of Trey in his transition and finish of the jog. He kicked some ass and finished in 1 hour 15 minutes.