Tub is done

The tub is finally up and running in the backyard. Here are some pics from the move, gravel and wiring and all that stuff.

The moving party.
Dan, May, Maureen, Aimee and Ron's hand.

The 2 yards of gravel being delivered.

Gravel in the hole

Aimee loading sand into the wheel barrow (BTW, this is how you can scratch up the tailgate. who knew?)
Sand in the hole

1300 pounds of flagstone for the tub area

Aimee double checking the expert wiring

Expert wiring

Wiring almost done
We have 3 circuits baby:
  • One 220 for the tub
  • One for the garage lights, outlet and scary room on 12/3 wiring
  • One for the TV and fridge. With tape to make sure I don't close the circuit and get crispy