Tub repair

The hot tub repair guy came out yesterday and hooked up the wiring on the tub. The jury rigged heater element I had put together wasn't going to work, so I had the repair guy install a new heater element with a high temp safety switch (for $350.) That kinda sucked. We filled the tub with water and after replacing a diode and a cam for the air control buttons he turned it on. And water was whirl and pooling all over the place. Unfortunetly it was also pooling from one of the two pumps. "Oh, that's not good" he said. My response was "Aw ***k, how much is that?" Turns out they are $350 also. Someone has a good racket going on. I had to stand there and look at my tub with it's pretty water while he told me I shouldn't use it until we get a new pump in it. Otherwise it might break the motor (with water and all), and that'd be another $300. But, he's got the part in stock and is coming out on Saturday to hook it up. The grand total of repairs for my $400 tub will be $1100. I'll have to stop giving away my cans and bottles and get the deposit myself. Ron and I are going to put in the french doors on the garage for the TV and fridge this Saturday. Hopefully in time for Super Bowl Sunday. I have a pic of the tub here