Ubuntu 9 on thumb drive

Currently if I work from home I have two options: remote desktop into my work machine and code from there, or work locally at home after syncing up my code. The problem with remoting into work is it's extremely slow and I can't use your full screen. The problem with working locally is when I'm going back to the office and my code isn't finished, it's difficult to sync the half finished code.

So I have installed Ubuntu Linux onto a thumb drive and will use that as my 'work' machine, and tote it back and forth to work. Now I can have my half finished work on the drive and either work from home or in the office.

Here are the steps I took:

  • Downloaded the Ubuntu ISO (install) and used these directions to install it onto my thumbdrive. I upgraded to the 4GB persistence file. You have to use the peristence if you want to save your customizations or installs from within Ubuntu