Two weekends ago I went up to north to hang out with my buddy Sara on the Olympic penninsula. We did a little ride around Crescent Lake where we saw a bunch of kids jumping into the lake from a rock. Crazy I think. Sara was a tad sick but we had a good time relaxing in the trees. I had a horrible time starting a fire that night and Sara showed me up the next morning with some paper towels. So I'm off to Man School.

Last weekend I went up to Twin Lakes with Aimee and her dog. It was a nice little hike and we had the upper lake all to ourselves. I tried to take naps on the ground but the dog decided to shake off the water on me. So I threw it into the lake. Hahahha.

Then on Sunday Aimee, her buddy Kim, Scott and I headed up to Hood again and went to Salmon Bluff for some climbing. We did a few climbs that ranged from 5.7 to 5.9. Ok, one was rated a 5.3, but I call BS on that because it had a traverse and the rock moved when I touched it.

Anyoo, here are some pictures from those weekends.