Whistler Mountain Biking

Ingrid and I went up to Whistler B.C. to see how good their bike park really is. Turns out it's super cool. Ingrid went up on Saturday with a gal racer to give her some tips on downhilling while I read The Girl Who Played With Fire (which is awesome). Ingrid had a great time and went on some gnarly trails. I had the idea of going up on the trails to take photos of her riding, but the pro put the kibosh on that. So I stayed at the bottom and took pictures of people catching air, totally missing when Ingrid would ride through. She marched me over to the rental office and we paid for gear and bike for me the next day. We grubbed out on Mongolian Grill and passed out at the hotel.

We picked up my 30 pound beast and got another guide to help my sorry ass down the hill. It took a few runs to re-educate my turning technique (apparently was 100% wrong.) After lunch we took the gondola up to the top of the mountain for a 5000' descent. The views were awesome and the ride down was cool, a third was fast road and the rest was pretty technical singletrack. We hit a trail that had a banked turn made out of wood, where real men take the low scary line. The riding got better as the day went on for sure.

On Monday before we drove back home we went to the Scandinave spa for massages. The spa was super cool and had different pools and saunas, which without our swim suits was not to be on this trip. The riding was super cool and we will be heading back next year.