South Sister with Trey

Trey and I trudged up South Sister to bivy on the summit. We got there way past dark and it was chilly as I saved 6oz by leaving the tent fly in the car. I might’ve burned a hole in my sock trying to dry it out, so I stole Trey’s socks for the next day. The summit sunrise was spectacular as expected and requested.


Mt. Hood Hogsback 2021

Slow climb up Mt. Hood with zero training longer that 30 minutes. Bailed at Hogsback due to moving super slow.



Cynthia Lou Wending Jackson
1/4/1945 –> 7/8/2020

Nana Photos

Middle Sister With Dan

It’s not Mt. Shasta, but Dan and I made a run for Middle Sister over the weekend. There was debate about bringing skis or not; I went with no skis, Dan went with skis. Dan was right. We had warm weather and postholed snow. Views were awesome and we had the whole set of mountains to ourselves as we left.


Ingalls with Dan and Dawn

Climbed Ingalls East route with Dan and then the South route with Dan and Dawn. Epic. But didn’t epic.

Panoramic photos