I've been slowly getting new housemates this past month. They're pretty quiet but they are everywhere. I was ok with them being in my bathroom, I'd just kill them and shower off. Then they took to my kitchen. I'm not a slob or anything, but apparently they've found out there is food residue in the sink from time to time. My spiders seem to be sissys and don't do anything about the ants. So I got some ant traps and put them in my cupboards and under the sink. I even taped up some areas to see if that'd help. It doesn't. My boss at work reminded me that ants leave a pheremone trail. I'll have to do some serious cleaning to make sure the little bastards can't figure out where to go so easily. Now I do my dishes within a few minutes of using them, so that's good. They crossed the line when I saw one in the top of my Britta jug. It's in the fridge now. I'm going to open one of the ant traps and take the gunk out and mix it with some syrup. The gunk is supposed to kill the ants later back in the nest/hive/scary place. But they don't like the gunk. They'll like it with some syrup mixed in it. I forget that I can't kill all the ants because then they can't take the gunk back to the queen - who needs to die.