I have been working on various incarnations of a page for listing my books for a few years now. It started off as a way for me to see what books I had so I wouldn't buy double, so it was a .wml page as my first phones were old. It eventually got to be a page that was only usable by me as a result of horrible design. One weekend I even spent both days scanning the covers for each of my books so I could show the covers. (That set of photos is lost in the ether.)
I just revamped the books page to be searchable by author or title. The author page has two views of the books, the traditional list and a coverflow view, with a icon to switch between the two. Hopefully it's intuitive enough.
I used a few web services to cobble together images; for book covers, and wikipedia for author photos (which sometimes is the wrong person.)
Plus now the books link is up top next to photos link