Boot Recovery

On Saturday I went back to the Gorge to get my damn boots back. As I'm paranoid, I brought up some rope and cordlette to help me get the boots out, as they were stuck fast last time I saw them. I got down to where the boots were and was ready to rig up an elaborate system (maybe a 5:1 Z-C pulley system I learned in crevase rescue or some such). There was only one boot and it was just lying there under a small waterfall and I could pull it out with little effort. It came out unattached and with not much in the way of shoelaces. I threw it to shore (which could have gone bad again I realized while it was in midair). I tried to search around in the pool of water for the other one, but the water is too damn cold.

I got out of the water with help from my really unnecessary rope and carabineers. I didn't biff it into the water, so I guess it was all helpful. I walked down the stream, I mean river, for a ways and couldn't see my other boot. I think it was hiding from me under a rock or a branch, probably thinking I wasn't worthy of wearing it. I got back to my bag and solitary boot and packed out to the car. At least I have one boot to add to my growing collection of crap on my front porch