Bulged Disc

Last year I injured my back while running stairs. I got an MRI and it showed I had a bulged disc at L1-S5 (whatever that means.) I went through a few months of physical therapy and then talked to a neurosurgeon about it. He said the MRI showed significant disc matter and that I could get a surgery, but as my symptoms were very small at that point, that I shouldn't get surgery. So I called it good.

Over the last year the back had felt pretty good and I hadn't had many issues. Last week it decided to kick in again. I've been taking various drugs like oxycodone, hydrocodone, some P drug and Tylenol with codine and they aren't helping too much. I'm not able to walk much, sleep or sit upright for very long. So I'm actually out of work for a few weeks and lying on my side.

This time I decided I don't want to go through PT and go for surgery. I just got the results back from yesterdays MRI and it shows the same issue as last year. I meet with the neurosurgeon on Tuesday and hopefully we get the surgery right afterwords.

Picture of last years MRI: