Cleaning house

Over the weekend I went over to my parents house and went through the last few boxes that I've kept there. I came across a few boxes of notes, letters and cards from high school and college. I was debating about carrying all of those things to my new house that I hadn't looked at since I put them away years ago. My buddy Ron said I should just get rid of all that stuff, no need to keep it all. So I took his advice and spent a few hours looking through birthday cards, neatly folded notes with SSL (sorry so long) written over them. Then I made a fire in the basement (fireplace, I don't just burn stuff on the floor) and started throwing in the papers. The fire got so strong I had to back off about 6 feet and throw the paper in from a distance. I did keep my ream of auto repair slips. It was interesting to look at all of the things I've done to (for?) my car. Funny, she's in the shop now. I have a few shoe boxes full of pictures and negatives from all over the place. Last night I went through and organized all of them. I came across some old pictures my grandfather took on the East Coast. I scanned in a dozen of them and put them up on my photos site. It's neat to look at 60 year old pictures, to see how New York looked. We have a wooden box with all of his negatives. I'll have to go through and scan in those pictures and see how they look. Like a little time capsule.
New York Pictures