Downtown Bike Gallery

So a few weeks ago I was biking with my buddies up in Washington, doing the Falls Creek ride, when my Crank Brothers pedal broke. It wasn't a normal break where the bearings were worn or a bushing was [whatever bushings do when they break], but the actual metal spindel snapped. This was a pain in the ass because this ride is the ride, 5 miles up and 20 down. I was on the top of the hill, just getting ready to go down. But you shouldn't try and bomb down technical hills with one pedal, just won't work. So I limped back to the cars on one pedal. I jogged by the Bike Gallery today on my way up to Washington Park to drop off my pedal. I handed my broke pedal to the guy at the counter. 'Do you have a receipt?' "No" who keeps a receipt for a pedal? Those things are supposed to be bomb proof. "The Sandy shop said they'd warranty it." 'Why didn't you take it there?' "Uh, cos you're on my jog route." Another guy came over. 'What broke?' "The spindle." 'You have a receipt?' "No, Sandy said they'd do it though." 'Oh, why not take it there? They do the warranty stuff.' "Because, you're both the same store." 'Yea, it's not a problem. We can't guarentee it'll get fixed.' "Right." 'It'll cost $10 for shipping. They'll probably fix it though, because it's a cheap pedal.' Right, I spend $75 for a pedal and it's cheap. I don't mind spending money on shipping and all that, but it's always a hassle to deal with the downtown Bike Gallery. You'd think I'll learn.