Firelane 7a

On Sunday I thought it'd be fun to go ride some firelanes that I haven't touched in a few years. I went down and up firelane 10 (which starts across Germantown from Leif Erickson). I remembered that it was BS before, and it still is. If you do it, it's best to ride down from Newtown instead of from Germantown up to Newton. I didn't have to walk, but I had to stop for a minute to stop from throwing up in my mouth.

I went over to Springville and down Firelane 7. I had been thinking I can totally go down the bottom, which is very steep and rutted. So I flew down 7 to the steep part and unclipped so I could bail out. I made it down 20% of the steep section, but there were a few things I had to get off for and it's too steep to get back on the bike. It was Moab steep and I had my stomach behind my seat.

I thought it sucked that I had to walk sections of it, so I went back up via Saltzman to do 7a - which shoots to the left of 7 near the bottom. There was more bomber trail until it's steep section. I unclipped again and just rode on my toes. 7a is actually rideable and I eeked down it to Leif Erickson and started screaming like a little girl. I thought my brakes might be hot so I dropped water on them and instantly it hissed and steamed.