Kyle's velo ride

Kyle and his buddies were riding the backroads of Oregon from South to North over the course of this week. I was invited but I’m lame and couldn’t go, so I told him I’d come over and pick them up. It originally started as me doing the whole ride, then joining up and doing 3 days, then just one day riding, to eventually me just driving to them.

I played sag wagon and drove around trying to take fuzzy pictures of them and deliver ice-cream sandwiches. It was super awesome out and I was supremely jealous of the riding they had, it was fun just to see where they were riding. It for sure has to go on the todo list.

Panoramic Photos


Hood with Mat

Mat and I attempted Hood and fully expected to crush it. I think Wy’east heard our bravado and slapped us down pretty hard. It was probably a combination of sleep deprivation and fumerals but we topped out at just below the hogsback. It was slightly depressing to turn around fairly close to the end, but we were moving too slow and I took Mat’s pack and threw it down the hill to seal the deal. We did get in a few good turns on the icy slopes of the Palmer.



Rachel graduating from medical school!


Sea to Ski

Rachel got invited to do the Sea to Ski race up at Mt. Baker. It was super dope and she had a great time.



After failing on Hood, I went over to meet up with Rachel and get in a few laps at the Whoops.
Sadly, no one took any pictures of my tabletop jumps.


Mt. Hood to 9k

Trey, his buddy Paul and I went up to climb Hood. We got to 9ish thousand and called it a night.